Hamlet Rehearsals - Week 3 (2nd-3rd Dec)

So due to the Christmas break (on Thurs 22nd Dec) we only started this week on the Friday 2nd, meaning we only get 2 days this week! But it was certainly a full 2 days, reminding ourselves of the fights and getting our first glimpse of the set. We also got a chance to spend several hours looking at Laban work and going over the text and trying to figure out how everything works.

As we only had 2 days rehearsals this bog is short. Hoping to get one out every weekend at the end of each week. Tad behind this week!


Also here is a big shout out to our favourite coffee shop!

The Watch House Cafe

Also the best piece of advice, found for a random piece of paper found by the cast at the back of the rehearsal room.

Toy death

Next week's blog will be here aorund 10th Dec!

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