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5:00am I rise.

5:01am I fall back to sleep.

5:08am I rise again.

Shower? Maybe. No. Yes, I should.


Breakfast....can't find it. Too dark. Light switch. Woah! Bright!

Ate cereal. Not sure what now?

Into the car.

I opted to take my own way in my won car as it would be quicker and easier. Ready to pick up Ophelia, Hamlet and Horatio and do the 2 and half hour journey. Time 6:15am and we're off

4 hours and 15 minutes later!

Thornbury Castle

We arrive severely behind schedule at Thornbury Castle.


We rush into costume and make up and the we crack on. It's a long day ahead of us. Lucky our great technical team are working swiftly and there is food a plenty on standby for the cast and crew. Particularly at lunch time.

Domino's Pizza


Meanwhile some external shots are done including a particularly complicated one with Ophelia and some H2O!

Ophelia - Kerry Wooderson

As the day continues on, we rush to get the final external shots done before the rain gets worse and the sun disappears to visit our friends across the Ocean. The cast all seem in high spirits despite then long day and the now sweaty costumes!

We crack on with the fight scenes and get a lot in the car pretty quickly before doing some close-ups and other shots including a pretty visceral and violent fight that takes a lot of time to film in order to get the right shots and angles.

Hamlet trailer shot - George Riddell

The last few hours and we are getting some more set pieces and close-ups in the can. It looks like we may soon be finished and free to relieve our legs of our tights. Cast and Crew have been on form all day and have worked tirelessly. We also manage to finish the day by squeezing in the 'Mannequin Challenge' as well.

Click the image below to watch the Mannequin Challenge (45 Seconds)

A big thanks to George, Martin, Mark, Lisa, Layan, Kate et al for being such a big help on the day. Now for a well deserved 10 days off!

1am - Home. Cold. Should I have breakfast now? A Whisky? No, Bed.

The Hamlet Trailer should be out soon...

Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire

Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire
Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire

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