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So. The start of week 2. I started this week by doing some research on the tube and reading Vicentio Saviolo's "Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels" and book translated into and printed in English in 1595. A book that had a huge influence on Shakespeare and particularly his plays Romeo & Juliet, Loves Labours Lost and As you like it. Many fencing terms appear in the plays and the plays of Shakespeare's contemporaries following the publication of this book. Other authors that start using Italianate fencing terms include John Marston, Ben Jonson and Thomas Lodge.

Vincentio Saviolo

Mid week we have started to solidify different phrases of each of the fights. Including knife fighting and quarter-staff. We are getting through a lot but still have a lot to do. As well as figuring out understudy changes and what the shape of the show would be in those circumstances. A lot of the cast have more than one role to cover and it can be quite overwhelming. All must be learnt. Character, lines, blocking, fight choreography and more. We are lucky to have a strong cast ready to jump into anything.

Thursday 17th - we started working with blood.

Popping in pipes and concealing bags of fake blood about our persons testing out how, where and when to burst a blood bag in order to create the most realistic, believable (and exciting) wound! It's a messy day but well worth getting ahead of things that can easily stump people when it comes to technical rehearsals, especially when there are hundreds of other things to think about! "these shoes don't fit" "I forgot my socks!" "I haven't been to the bathroom in 10 hours!" So getting ahead will hopefully save us time. Very odd to be ahead on the technical stuff this early on in rehearsals.

Friday - By the end of the week we're starting to tighten the fights ready for the trailer filming next Monday at Thornbury Castle in Gloucestershire, followed by a well deserved 10 days off!

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