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This week sees us start a whole fortnight of Fight rehearsals. An unprecedented situation. Normally you may have a day of a few hours here and there, but we have the luxury of a full 2 weeks dedicated solely to fight blocking. This means we can all do drills and either learn afresh or top up from when we last did stage fighting! Be it a couple of years, several years of for some not since Drama School! The hamstrings start to ache, the arms start to tire but we power on.

Rapier and Dagger

As seen above we have been using Rapier and Dagger practicing foot work and Parries as well as our body positions and attacks.

Set Floor Plan

Things become easier when we see the floor plan of the set design (above). We can now start to see how much space we will have and get an idea of where those sneak steps will be!


Part of this week includes doing some closer combat such as knife fighting, that will feature at some point (no spoilers) in the play! The knife choreography is much closer than the rapier and requires a different way of thinking, but with the ground works and essentials of fighting under our belts it doesn't take too long to get a rhythm and a feel for the difference in weapon.

Blood and Instagram

We also get a brief moment to have a quick go with some blood practice. Things are getting real in here!

Best of all. We have found the pub and made it our second home! We go en masse this time armed only with our empty wallets....

The Ship, Pub

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