Ophelia's Zimmer - Review

Ophelia's Zimmer

Royal Court Theatre

Like Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead this play focuses purely on Ophelia's story and consequently her isolation form what happens in the play of Hamlet and also the treatment that she not only receives from Hamlet himself but also from other characters around her.

We really get a chance to focus on the loneliness of her situation and the brutality she faces around her. Scene after scene shows us the tedium she goes through every day as she dressers and is looked after by a house-maid.

In between scenes a huge box comes down and we are given an explanation about the steps of drowning. All in German like the rest of the play, with surtitles. As we hear the actions of the other characters around him and Hamlet's death a doctor enters unexpectedly and starts feeding Ophelia with drugs which eventually causes her to get ill and quite possibly causes her madness, as she is dosed up more and more the room fills with water, we assume this is how she will drown, but this is not what happens here when Ophelia takes a pair of scissors to her own throat.

A tad slow at the beginning, but otherwise incredibly moving and great performances from all of the cast including the foley artistry.

Katie Mitchell directs the Schaubühne – Theater Berlin in this new play

Ophelia's Zimmer - Royal Court Theatre

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