Oedipe - Review

Oedipe (By Enescu)

Royal Opera House, London

Enescu's Oedipe gets its UK premiere here and despite superb reviews elsewhere it failed to do it's job for me. This may be due to most of it's staging seemingly blocked on Stage Right and therefore obscuring my view for most of it.

Enescu's score is sublime, but for me this piece lacked the power of the Play's themselves. It's setting jumping from Ancient Greece (with resplendent terracotta design) to present day and then to Italy circa 1940's felt all to disparate to me. The idea of the Sphinx being a German WWII play didn't quite work for me either. Sadly despite a general feeling of enjoyment, this production despite some interesting design was lacking in the punch I believe a story like Oedipus really needs.

Oedpie runs until 8th June


ROH Poster Oedipe

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