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Following the success of The Killing, The Bridge, Borgen et al. Channel 4 has created Walter Presents to showcase a lot of foreign language television drama. We have just been treated to something different with the enjoyable German drama 'Deutschland 83' and now More4 brings us 'Blue Eyes' set inside a right wing political party in Sweden. Very UKIP.

What is so interesting about the opening of this series (only 1 Episode so far) is the way it dares to look deeply into right wing feeling and also how parties with far right elements are perceived. The inner turmoil and splits inside the party, that contain both nationalists who are fighting against immigration and open borders through to the fear and ignorance of the more extremist elements of the party. We follow a couple of the lives of people in the party and at one point we are asked to sympathise with one of these characters and we become split between our instinctive natural humanist feelings and the disgust at the extremist politics and opinions that same person espouses.

Blue Eyes certainly seems to shed light on the in-fighting of a right wing political movement and the feelings of fear and anger that are currently sweeping across and infecting Europe as I type. There is also murder and other intrigue thrown in as well. Very interesting subject matter and has definitely piqued my interest. I will certainly keep watching....

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Blå ögon

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