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Don Quixote

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As it is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare death, the RSC have remembered the pother great writer whose 400th anniversary is this year and whom died on the same day as the bard himself. Miguel De Cervantes the great Spaniard who coined Don Quixote Book one and Two.

Here the book's are trimmed and put on stage with gusto. It's a great undertaking to try and put all of this onto the stage as it is such an incredibly epic story. There are moments that work a dream but at times the narrative seems to move rather dis-jointedly, jumping from one place to another, this is ok in the book as it allows you time to digest things as the narrative moves on, but it is quite hard when transposed to the stage and feels like we are getting just scene after scene like a series of short plays. This is not the fault of cast, director or adapter it is just simply incredibly epic and would always be tough to pull off.

It was an enjoyable show but never really got off the ground in the way I felt it could have. The show is peppered with several songs which seemed to labour things at times and it felt like ii needed a little more drive. Saying that there are some funny moments in the play and it's certainly an incredibly admirable task to undertake and definitely a mountain to climb. it was great to see the Carrasco story is kept in with great ease in Act II (Book II) and Quixote's fall is very moving. It just felt like it needed more pace from scene to scene in a couple of places.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza - RSC

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