Welcome Home Captain Fox - Review

Welcome Home Captain Fox

Donmar Warehouse

Based on Jean Anouilh's 'Le Voyager Sans Bagage', Anthony Weigh has brilliantly adapted the original text and updated it to 1950's America. And he has pulled it off with incredible vigour!

A young man has come out of WWII and been imprisoned for 15 years in East Germany, he is suffering from Amnesia and when he arrives back in the USA and a local long island house wife decides to help him out with charity work , she believes he is the long lost son of a local rich family. He eventually meets the family and, of course, doesn't remember a thing, but he is told by everyone around him (brother, mother, sister, maids) that he IS captain Fox. What's great about the play is that you never really know whether he is truly the real Captain Fox or not and by the end there is a moving moment when he makes a decision to decide what to do with his life.

It's a great play and this adaptation really does it fair justice and the updating works a treat. The dialogue whips along at a steady pace and at times overlaps with a naturalistic ease. The cast have got the timing down to a key and its definitely a winner for the Donmar Warehouse. The cast are on top form and there are brilliant nuances throughout and real moments of danger and uncertainty about who this man really is. This version also does it's period duty and takes a close look at the attitudes of 50's America, both towards race and the snobbery of white middle class America at the time.

A really warming play and very fun, well worth a watch.

Runs until 16th April


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