#ShakespeareSolos - Part 5

A big thank you again to this weeks #ShakespeareSolos

Watch the all 30 so far from here!

Shakespeare Solos 25

Henry from Henry V

Act I, Scene ii

By Benedict Chambers


Shakespeare Solos 26

Emilia form Othello

Act IV Scene iii

By Helen Fullerton


Shakespeare Solos 27

Philip form King John

Act II Scene i

By Tom Oakley


Shakespeare Solos 28

Iago form Othello

Act I, Scene i

By Andrew Stephen


Shakespeare Solos 29

Goneril form King Lear

Act I Scene iii

By Rachael Henley


Shakespeare Solos 30

Luciana from The Comedy of Errors

Act III, Scene ii

By Nadia Shash


#ShakespeareSolos #Shakespeare #Shakespeare400 #ShakespeareLives #Actors

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