A Girl is a half-formed thing - Review

A Girl is a Half-formed thing

Young Vic Theatre

This play is based on Eimear McBrides's debut novel, of the same name, from 2014 and has well been received since it opened last year and it is well deserved!

The piece lends itself completely to the theatrical form (perhaps because Eimear McBride originally trained as an actor) & the actress Aoife Duffin is outstanding in this one woman show.

McBride is very definitely a next step from Samuel Beckett, her dialogue seems to have his sparse wonderment and absurdity but also a bleak and pertinent truth to it. The language is just beautiful. Beautiful and brutal. This is a relentless piece of theatre and It deals with very sensitive issues. Aoife Duffin plays all of the characters in the story and swims seemlessly between each role from grumpy catholic grandfather to brother, mother and abusive uncle and the rest in between. On the one hand you have the intensity of the language and the narrative and on the other this powerful and stinging performance. Both combining to fully pull the rug from under your feet. At one point I almost felt trapped in the room (& the theatre!) and wanted to just help free our young protagonist, almost as if my pathetic thought of getting out of the Theatre would some how help this poor girl and free her from the tangled and horrifying web that she is caught in.

It's powerful, relentless, disgusting and beautiful. There is so much bound up in this piece I almost don't know what to say, it's a sheer thump in the stomach and a truly tragic story.

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