#ShakespeareSolos Part 4

A big thank you again to this weeks #ShakespeareSolos

Still looking for more people and we're hoping to have 6 every Monday at 12pm to take The Guardian's idea and run with it throughout the year for Shakeapeares 400th anniverary of his death.

Click on the iamghe above to watch them all from 1 -24

Part 4

Shakespeare Solo 19

Prince Hal form Henry IV Part 2

Act IV, Scene v

By Sam Hoye


Shakespeare Solos 20

Mark Antony from Julius Caesar

Act III Scene ii

By Tom Ziebell


Shakespeare Solos 21

Henry V

Act IV, Scene i

By Francesca De Sica


Shakespeare Solos 22

Brutus from Julius Caesar

Act III, Scene ii

By Tyrone James


Shakespeare Solos 23

Puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream

Act II, Scene ii

By Marian Elizabeth


Shakespeare Solos 24

Leontes from The Winters Tale

Act I, Scene ii

By Taniel Yusef


#ShakespeareSolos #Shakespeare #Sha #Shakespeare400

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