What Lies Beneath - Review

What Lies Beneath


Hospital Club Gallery, London

I recently visited Rick Guest's exhibition at The Hospital Club Gallery of photographs of dancers from various Ballet companies, including our own Royal Ballet and English National Ballet. I cold highly recommend it as a fascinating exploration into the shape and form of the human body. Particularly they way dancers hold themselves. They are beautiful images that made me ponder the abilities of the human body and the strengths of Ballet dancers. It also strangely made me think about skin and our various blemishes, moles, freckles etc and the fact that we are all so varied as humans particularity under the microscope and it is everlastingly fascinating. The beauty and athleticism of the body is starkly laid out in huge photographs of dense blue/grey in front of you, towering of you with their stark magnificence, there incredible intensity and their subtle calmness are mesmerising. It is all contained on the ground floor in one room and one could easily see double, and although some look very staged others are softer and pique your interest through a calm intensity.

Marianela Nuñez - Principle of the Royal Ballet

Alban Lendorf - Principle of The Royal Danish Ballet

Each model has something of interest, be it their muscularity, their slenderness, agility, or simply their body art or choice of clothing. It won't take you long to visit this exhibition and I definitely think it is worth a look, whether you go as some who is into dance or for pure aestheticism.

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