#ShakespeareSolos Campaign

So this week The Guardian newspaper launched 6 short films online of leading actors doing a Shakespeare monologue for the 'Shakespeare 400' festival. So I decided to get some colleagues together and launch 6 of our own and do a "counter" version with no "stars" and no budget, with the actors having no prep time and all shot with no fancy equipment. I loved the Guardian's films but thought Shakespeare is for everyone so why not do this!?

I asked a certain number of people across a diverse group of colleagues but not everyone was able to help due to the last minute nature of it all and there were time constraints as well. I wanted an equal representation of class, sex and colour in all the films but unfortunately I dind't get enough responses from the people I wanted. so I have gone ahead with these first 6.

I believe The Guardian will be releasing more soon and so, I too, will have more to follow and will either drip feed them during the week or relase them all on one day! I'm hoping to have a better diverstiy of people in the next round.... Cheers to Shakespeare for all!

A big thanks to the first 5 who joined me this week!

Self (Iago)

Matthew Howell (Edmund)

Scarlett Clifford (Lady Percy)

James McGregor (Hotspur)

Carmella Brown (Lady Macbeth)

Stephanie Hampton (Rosalind)

Play them all in order from No.1 - 6 here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz8wJDPattw

#Shakespeare #Shakespeare400 #ShakespeareLives

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