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"Andrew Venning’s performance as Macbeth is chilling, complex and rich, with an expert handling of verse.....I would highly recommend catching leading man Andrew Venning’s performance, at the very least you can say you saw him before he hit the big time – if there’s any justice in the world that is" - Everything Theatre (MACBETH)


"Andrew Venning played Macbeth extremely well. A man with temptation put in front of him, let’s be honest, not just temptation but a ruddy exciting prophecy and who can resist one of those, and with a wife often denigrating his manliness as she pushes him to risk all to become King. Often alone on the stage soliloquizing with himself but also, and this I really did like, with the audience as though we were a part of him and could assist him in allaying his conscience in the pursuit of his dreams." - London Theatre 1 (MACBETH)


"Andrew Venning is a strong Macbeth, rugged and fierce yet showing a slight weakness as he leaves his fate to the prophecy and allows himself to be so easily swayed by his wife. The banquet scene where he sees the ghosts is passionate and believable, with just the right amount of drama." - West End Wilma (MACBETH)


"Andrew Venning is an introspective Macbeth, perhaps more Hamlet than a true soldier, but still strong and convincing as a leader grappling with both vaulting ambition and crippling self-doubt." - What'sonStage (MACBETH)

"...and Andrew Venning (Young Shepherd) is a young actor to watch" - John Peter, Sunday Times, 13/1/08 

"There are some great performances on show, notably that of Andrew Venning as Feste" - Paul Vale, The Stage 24/12/10

"As the central villain, Flamineo, Andrew Venning is sardonic and slippery; he holds the stage confidently" 
- The Public Reviews 4/12/10

"The hilarious 'Puss in Boots' figure of Don Armado (Andrew Venning)"
- Cambridge News 13/7/10 


"Andrew Venning is authoritative and majestic as Jacques" 

- What's on stage 4/10/13


“All the world’s a stage” monologue by Andrew Venning as Jaques is one of the highlights"

- BargainTheatreland 5/10/13



"There's some nice performances....Andrew Venning as Podkolyossinn is wonderfully bewildered throughout"

- Time Out London May 2014



"Andrew Venning is brilliant as Hans, balancing martial swagger with self-knowledge and Pythonesque awareness of the practical difficulties of dress"
- Atomies 24/3/12

"The cast members are completely on board with the tone of the show and Andrew Venning as the flamboyant Mammon is the stand-out performance" 
- Catherine Usher, The Stage 30/3/12 

"..but it is Andrew Venning's superb performance as the swaggering, sexually charged Sir Epicure Mammon that's the treat of the evening" 
- 2/4/12